We usually go to this area on a Sunday morning to have coffee. Outside is a picturesque view of a beautifully made landscape-a park with two small hills, green trees dancing with the wind, even greener grasses occupying the ground,and a bunch or rare flora decorated around the crescent-shaped spot.

We read or do some paperwork while the kids run and play. It’s really safe for my boys as the streets are  blocked so motorists can’t drive in and out this area. There are security personnel and that adds the comfort.

Last night was special, we went up the MOF to have dinner with JC’s idol on ABL :p This is Noy Javier of Saigon Heat. He’s a Filipino import of Vietnam’s first team in Asean Basketball League.

The gorgeous couple: Noy and Tin ❤ ❤ ❤

The Crescent Mall in Saigon South is one of the most recent essential spots in District 7 for family and friends to enjoy their weekend. Personally, I don’t shop for clothes or shoes here. They are quite expensive but I still frequent this place for their coffee, food and cinema.

Most of our guests compare The Crescent to Singapore’s Marina Bay and Philippines’ THE FORT.

Have you visited this spot in Saigon? What did you think?


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