More or less. I hope you don’t feel intruded that I know things about you. :s

Read and find your reasons but if you couldn’t …

1. Cheap flights. There are a lot of budget airlines coming in and out Vietnam- Air Asia, Tigerairways, and Cebupacific for example.

2. You shop for silk, coffee, tea, the North Face bags, Kipling bags and other ‘very close to the original’ items sold in Ben Thanh Market and Saigon Square. One of my friends flew a furniture from here to the Philippines.

3. You want to marry a pretty/handsome Asian.

I can’t blame you. They (we) are really beautiful 😉

4. You verify if Chuck Norris’ films scenes about Vietnam are real. 5 years ago, some of my Facebook friends offered to pray for my safety thinking war was still on in Vietnam.

Chuck Norris' films were in 1980s. It is 2012, Vietnam has never been the same.

5. You want to play golf. Most Koreans that I talked to in my neighborhood said it is way cheaper to play golf here than in Korea.

6. You want to wear non la and have your photo taken. Then post on Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest that you’ve been to Vietnam.


7. You think of teaching English. Maybe at first you just want to do your CELTA but later decide to stay longer.

8. You want a Sun burn (tan) . You always dream of having a darker complexion but most of the time you turn orange and not tanned.

9. Your retirement can be spent living grand in Phu Quoc or Nha Trang or Vung Tau. You seldom see the sea and you think now is the high time to be closer to the beach. (This is what I plan to do as well)

10. You want to feel the freedom of driving a motorbike as there’s not much opportunity to do this in your country.

…just add them below.

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