My friend Phil said he knew a good place for dinner. Earlier yesterday, I asked for suggestions from my Twitter friends and @yengreyes mentioned Cuc Gach Quan then tweeted me its address. I didn’t realize Phil was referring to this place. I have concluded Saigon has a lot of secrets I’d find out if I only asked.

We were lucky Ja, Malou and Cindy went to the restaurant earlier and managed to get a table. Otherwise we’d have starved before we could get a space. You really have to book before going to this place or you are going to queue up for an hour or two.

As soon as the cab stopped, we had recognized its facade- who wouldn’t? It was in photos just a couple of months ago-when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt came to Saigon with Pax Tien, their Vietnamese son and the other siblings. From the outside, you wouldn’t know how special the place is. It’s a real maze before we got to the attic- the perfect place for such an intimate meeting with our Filipino friends!

I really think it’s the best place to go if you’re looking for authentic Vietnamese food, music and ambiance. Our visitors Ate Alice and Ate Marissa enjoyed checking out the antique stuff and took pictures of them. They are into cooking as well so they got busy with the food, talking about ingredients. They even thought of getting into a cooking class to learn Vietnamese cuisine. As for me, I was 100% sold out of the place after drinking their caphe sua da. It was just so special.

Here are some photos from last night:

This photo reminds me of the life in the countryside. Simplicity at its best!


Is that supposed to be a scarecrow?


Pinoy night in Saigon 🙂


I had 6 bowls of rice 😉


Kangkong straw 🙂




I feel like I’ve known them for ages.


I am Vietnamese.


The door to a delightful moment!

How to get there? Check their website: Cuc Gach Quan