Thanks to a tip, I discovered the best food I’ve had in Asia and enjoyed the best meals I have had since Italy and the steak dinner in Chamonix. Miss Ly Cafeteria 22 in Hoi An has been in business for almost two decades and serves unbelievable Vietnamese and local Hoi An cuisine. All of the dishes are made with fresh, organic, and local ingredients and are msg-free (a rarity in this part of the world). We visited the restaurant four (or five?) times in as many days. Admittedly, on each visit we reordered our favorites, but also managed to add in a few extra dishes. We probably won some sort of overeating award. Here is the honor roll:

Fried wontons (hoanh thanh chien): sautéed pork, prawns, tomato, and onion with sauce and served on a flat wonton. This one stole our hearts.



White rose (banh bao): steamed prawns in…

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