Flowers are the music of the ground
From earth’s lips spoken without sound.


These pictures were taken at Da Lat Flower Park in Tet 2009. It was our first cool weather experience in Vietnam. Totally different from the scorching hot and noisy streets of Saigon. Dalat is a perfect place for detoxification! We could compare it with Tagaytay City or Baguio City in the Philippines where flowers are abundant, the air is fresh, and nature is in harmony with mankind.
More than 300 species of flowers are grown and well-cared in this 7000sq.m park. Standing out were species of roses, daffodils, orchids and mimosas. The African cacti were eye-catchers too. Plus, there’s the windmill that makes you think you’re in the western world!

This massive garden, which used to be called Bich Cau Garden, is just two kilometers from the city center and very close to the romantic Cu Hill. We came here early morning-perfect for strolling.

The sun was so bright now but we were still wearing our sweater and jackets as it was  so cool. Also it was our only chance to wear them!

If you’re visiting Dalat, you should check out this place. You’ll fall in love with the flowers and like us, you’d wish to be back there soon.