“If you have love, you don’t need to have anything else. If you don’t have it, it does not matter much what else you have.”

James Barrie

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. This is the toughest Valentine’s day ever as 3 guys asked me to be their Valentine. Help me choose, will you?

Here’s Candidate No. 1

He is a natural comedian. He can make me laugh with just one word…or sometimes without saying anything at all.

Candidate No. 2

He is the romantic type. He makes colorful cards everyday reminding me of his undying love.

Candidate No. 3

He’s the serious type and he has seriously forgotten 2002 + 12 is 2014 or 2012-12 is 2000 but he is seriously sweet.

Now… the very important question is : Who is going to be my date tonight?

I’d probably just say ‘YES’ to all three of them.

(“,) I’ve asked some of my Twitter friends if they’re going to celebrate Valentine’s day and here are their answers:

@TravMonkey – At home with cheesecake and a movie for the girlfriend. Stratford Upon Avon in England for the weekend, birth place of Shakespeare!

@joepster – No, not really. Might buy flowers for my mom and siblings. I’m actually having a date at the DFA tomorrow… I’m renewing my passport ;-p

@mrsoaroundworld – I’m a bit anti valentines, so want to meet another couple who r best friends and are in London plus 2 single girlfriends! we are having dinner for 6!

@MotoToursBrazil – mmm… Not this one. Valentine’s day in Brazil is in June 🙂

@1Dad1Kid – Not really. I’ll wish my son a happy Valentine’s day but that will be the end of it.

@TempleDanang – Nothing for us this year. My wifes only a couple of weeks from Baby2. Baby 1 is a nutcase 2 year old. So will be normal day in paradise! 🙂

@saigonnezumi – Attending “I Hate Valentine’s Day” party

@AngelaSchonberg – Lunch w/ Thuy&Jane&Max @ Fig Cafe, work and Dinner date w/ @maxmurta at my fav. Cuch Gach Quan 🙂

@DubaiDays – Valentine’s Day is a big thing in Dubai this year. Sadly Carl is just sitting here waiting for a taxi to take him to the airport as he’s going to Norway. He won’t be back until Wednesday evening so Valentine’s Day is passing us by this year! I’ve given him a card to take with him and possibly he will pick up something for me in duty free. Not very romantic I’m afraid!
There. A quick hug and a kiss and ‘have a safe journey’ and he has gone…
What can I say? Love is for life, not just for Valentine’s Day! Lol!

How about you? What are you up to today? 🙂