” San Miguel!


Hubsy was overtly excited after receiving an email from SAPI (Samahang Pilipino) regarding the whereabouts of the game-Philippines’ San Miguel Berrmen vs. Vietnam’s Saigon Heat. The game started at 6.30 tonight and we arrived at 7.45pm. Tickets were sold at 150,000 VND for lower box (by the court) and 60,000 VND for the upper box. Nha Thi Dau Tan Binh at 18 Xuan Hong , P. 4, Q. Tan Binh was surprisingly filled with spectators and fans. Note that we were not expecting jam-packed gym as Vietnam is a football-mad country, not a biggie of basketball. Also, it had been a long time since I last watched a sport event like this.

The gang is here to support San Miguel Beermen not Purefoods.

No more seats for us but we're fine with the stairs 😉

On the 3rd quarter when we arrived

San Miguel Beermen (red) Vs Saigon Heat (white)

More cheers for The Saigon Heat. Their fans consist approx. 80% of the spectators

" Saigon Heat! Saigon Heat! ", they roared.

Spectacular block!

Go for 2 points!

4th quarter and their energy is still high

5 minutes before the end they finally found their seats 😉 (Next to a Heat fan though)

The winners! Our very own San Miguel Beermen!

The Philippines is considered a basketball powerhouse so we came with the expectation of a win but Saigon Heat did their part. The closest gap (as we could remember while being there) was a 4-point lead. That was the most exciting part- cheering Saigonese, standing by their seats, waving the red and yellow flag. So, Kudos to the Vietnamese players! Congratulations San Miguel Beermen!

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