The coffee culture in Tagaytay City is H.U.G.E. This was what I found when I was in the pursuit of a traditional Filipino coffee-the barako, a rare and exotic coffee grown primarily in the Philippines (scientific name: Coffea liberica). My friend, Arlyn excitedly took me to an impressively cosy place. Sure, there were lots of coffee shops around, ranging from local to worldwide chains but the most widely-known and sought after is, of course,  the garden-themed ‘Bag of Beans’.

Here's the Bag of Beans Coffee Shop and Bakery.

Arlyn at the dramatic entrance!

110php ($2.50) for a bottomless Barako Coffee. Are you Barako (manly) enough for it?

Here's their MENU as of October 2011

 A truly Filipino beauty and hospitality

Driftwood-Bamboo combo: so homely, so Filipino!

Pork tocino,eggs, carbs & Barako coffee-This is what I call a Filipino breakfast.

And this was what I really came here for 🙂

I had a fantastic time! Quality food, excellent service, and great ambiance so I'd definitely recommend this place!

I have just found their website, click here: Bag of Beans
Oh, before you go, here’s a question to answer: What’s the best coffee place in your city/town ? I’d love to visit it one day!