Hubsy and I have developed the habit of involving the kiddos in planning our travels. We Google pictures, talk them through the itineraries, remind them of do’s and don’t’s, and show them which needs to be packed. At times, despite careful planning certain circumstances hinder us from hitting the road. You see, breaking the utterly sad news is one of the hardest tasks parents have got to do.

So we were all ready for the trip and something came up that it had to be rescheduled or worse… canceled. What to tell them? How to tell them? We consider these:

We would talk to them during dinner or as we walk to the grocery store or as we play cards (i.e. UNO) or board games with them. They have to be in good mood and in a situation where they feel relaxed, comfortable and free to express their thoughts afterwards.

2. Honesty.
Our offsprings know us too well- they have their way of figuring out if we are telling the right thing. On the flip side, inventing alibis will go a long way of “why’s”. If the reason were economic restraints or employment matters, I would have to come out as it is but of course in a digestible and comprehensible manner.

3. Good News.

After breaking the bad news, of course, we give them a consolation or sometimes, the game changer- the good news! It could be a treat to the ice cream parlor or a trip to a museum or park we haven’t been to. It could be going somewhere close to home or doing something-  to put a smile on their faces at the end of the conversation.

Since you are reading this, I reckon you, too, are a parent. Traveling with kids are always packed with joy and a lot of adventure. Although we have different styles, I believe I could learn from you too if you would also write your comments or thoughts below. Thanks for the time.