What to give this Christmas?

‘Panic buying’ and ‘Christmas rush’-these cliches are older than me but to be honest, I always end up going around the mall for an hour or two with an empty hand. So I made a list that might be GOOD as a gift because I thought they are practical, nice, pretty, useful…for all the good reasons really. I hope the lists below could help.

For Women:

  1. A scarf. I know a lot of ladies who love scarves as they could be used during the cool season or could be used to tie the hair or wrap around the neck/bag for fashion sake.
  2. Any accessories:  a pair of earrings or a bracelet or a brooch or a necklace or a ring. Since the ancient times, most women have always loved wearing jewelries. Buy real or fancy, this depends on your or her preference.
  3. A book. This is a bit tricky though as you have to know what genre /author she goes for.
  4. Shoes. Although I have never given anyone shoes 😉 I add this on the list as 90% of the girls are mad about shoes. Flip flops are also a fad nowadays.
  5. Flowers. The easiest bet!
  6. Chocolates. Also very easy, just pop in to any convenient stores and they are always available. Most women pretend they’re on a diet so they might not really eat them but they’d surely appreciate anything sweet.
  7. A dress or a blouse. You’d know they like it when they wear it.
  8. A coffee mug. This works for me really but you can also opt for a tea cup.
  9. Perfumes. Who doesn’t want to smell good?
  10. Cosmetics. You do have to research first which brand best suits her as some member of the female population get allergic reactions with certain brands.
  11. A bag. If she’s a mom, give her something big but smaller than a luggage; colorful and trendy for teenagers; and, signatured ones for working single women as they always go for quality and style.
  12. A baking utensil. Maybe a spatula. Hmm..am not really sure about this.

For Men:

  1. A wallet. This always comes first in my mind when I think of buying presents to my male friends.
  2. A leather jacket. I’ve seen a lot of men use leather jackets so they might be very in nowadays. Wait, did I hear Tom Cruise wears one in MI?
  3. A belt. This is easy as there are only 2 choices of colors: black or brown.
  4. A tie. There are a lot of designs to choose from to fit the receiver’s style but the modern style is slim and slick.
  5. A Swiss knife. This is a multi-tool pocket knife. Of course you know what this is.  Most men have this already but they’d be happy to replace theirs with a new one, especially if you can get the free engraving this season.
  6. DIY gifts. They are always entertained with the idea of repairing things around the house.
  7. A book. Or a book organizer?
  8. A beanie. This is cool for traveling.
  9. A backpack. Especially the ones with many pockets for outdoor adventures. My hubsy goes for The North Face.
  10. A shaver. Maybe an electric pocket-sized one.
  11. A watch. There are different kinds, from dive watches to  pocket watches. Just check online and see what kind of watch you want to buy for him.
  12.  A passport USB. Since we all love taking pictures or having our pictures taken, use the passport to save all the wonderful, funny and not so great times. :p
  13. A car or motorbike accessory. A lot of men love ‘modifying’ (the masculine word for beautifying) their rides.

For Kids:

  1. Toys for boys: They usually go for Thomas the Tank Engine, Ben Ten, and super heroes.
  2. Toys for girls: A doll always tops the list. Well, at least, during my time. 😉
  3. Lego. It’s fun and educational.
  4. Coloring materials like crayons, etc.
  5. Crafty kits.
  6. Balls. Footy, baseball, or just a colorful ball to throw up and kick with.
  7. Rollerblades
  8. Bicycles
  9. Pets
  10. Comic books
  11. Puzzles
  12. Any of those musical instruments
  13. Cooking and baking play sets
  14. Swimming gears: goggles, caps, kickboards, swim paddles, etc
  15. Model kits. E.g cars, planes

It’s not complete, I know but I’ve already run out of ideas. If you have more gift ideas, do leave me them on the comments.

Gifts are not very important but people appreciate them. I was happy when my son made a card for me with his cool drawing on the cover or when my hubsy gave me a rose. Gifts don’t need to be expensive but you can always opt to pricey ones when you have prepared for them. As for me, it’s always the thoughts that count. (“,) Oh, my gift to you? I almost forgot…here’s the fly smooch :*

Enjoy giving this happy season. Merry Christmas everyone!