Let’s wrap up! Are you ready? I’m not going to be too kind nor too brutal, don’t worry. And I know some would agree and some would’t but anything you’d like to comment would be alright  as long as we maintain some niceness on my site. Keep in mind that I was traveling with my family, yes, with kids and my review gravitated on family traveling. Let’s get started!

1. Accommodation : Good and Bad

a. Number 9 Hotel in Long Nget St. 258 has got complete facilities for travelers. They have free WIFI and a swimming pool for the guests to enjoy. They also have a bar on the ground floor where JC and I had a glass of beer while listening to jazz music on our first night in Phnom Penh. They have a restaurant on the second floor where we had brunch the following day. My kids played billiards there after the meal. You can also book tour packages and buy bus and plane tickets from them to go to Shinoukville, Bangkok or Siem Ream for example. The best thing about this hotel is that they gave us a bargain-from 27 from 35USD. With that, we already had a huge and comfy family room.

Number 9

b. Okay Villa Guesthouse in Phnom Penh was a nightmare! Location, cleanliness, communication between staff and amenities-they were all bad. We took this hotel on our final night in Cambodia as it had been highly recommended by a staff at Okay Villa in Siem Reap. The one in Siem Reap was the exact opposite, by the way.

2. Preah Sisovath Boulevard : Excellent

It was a wonderful sight during sunrise when people were busy with their morning exercise routine. The breezy air from the river invited the flock of birds, made our first Phnom Penh morning experience refreshing and worthwhile.

The warmth of the sun made it all perfect plus you could also see a flag of your own country as you walk by the river.

3. Tuk-Tuk Driver Mr Thay: Wonderful

He was very helpful; we hired him for the day. My hubsy had already met him during his first trip to Cambodia. Talk about customer satisfaction and repeat business, plus sincerity of a family man himself. So, if you happen to be visiting Phnom Penh and needing a reliable Tuk-tuk driver/tour guide, just shoot me a message as I still have his contact number.

4. Shopping : So-so and Good

We went to Sorya Shopping Center to buy some supplies and to have dinner but there weren’t enough choices for restaurants inside the center. My kids’ eyes grew big as we were about to leave the place because they saw books, a lot of them on SUPER sale! They insisted and since they were buying .5 to 2 USD books, I had to nod. And of course, I bought one for myself too. :p

The iconic Central Market was lively. I like the building- a bit similar to Ben Thanh Market here in Saigon with vendors selling colorful scarfs, garments, etc.-only much cleaner. Stalls were abundant with fruits- all were  cheap. They had unique style of jewelries and there’s this bracelet which caught JC”s eyes that he was going to buy one for me. It was here where JC showed off his bargaining or haggling skills. We bought Angry Birds t-shirts (branded Fruit of the Looms!) and sunglasses for the little boys. We were just there to check out the place so no BIG TIME shopping for us. We tried to stick on the budget.

5. National Museum: Very Good

Entrance Fee: 3 USD,   Kids: Free

You would never understand (JC didn’t on his maiden visit) just by looking at the ancient statues unless you have an English-speaking guide. So we asked the receptionist and hired one for 6 USD  and she was great! I mean, I couldn’t really fully remember everything that she said as she was talking a bit fast and giving us loads of information but I did get some of the bits. The guide made us understand the symbolisms, transitions and influence of religion in their culture and history. I highly recommend this place especially if you bring your kids along. They too will learn a lot. And another thing, you are not allowed to take pictures inside but you can pay 1 USD to be able to take snaps of the inner garden. Check the photo below.

6. Foods : Not Good; Not Bad

1 USD for a tiny cup of yogurt which only costs between 4,000 VND to 5,000VND (25 cents)  in Vietnam.

Water is twice the price compared to Vietnam too. A 300ml bottle costs 50cents in Cambodia which is only between 3,500 to 5,00 VND. Not a huge difference really but we always have to carry a bottle or 2 with us which means we had to keep buying.

We spent 3 to 4 USD each for a simple meal. That’s reasonable and there’s something special about Khmer food- it’s between Thai and Vietnamese in taste.That makes sense though given the geographical location.

We were there basically for 24 hours and we had wisely spent our time, that’s what we thought. I am sure there is more of Phnom Penh which means we are going to revisit this city in the future. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post.

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