Boooo MEEEE!

Earlier this year, I had mapped out my travel plans which I named the October Odyssey. It was a 29- day trip covering at least 10 islands in the Philippines. I did do the tour but cut it short to 9days for too many reasons. In sum,  I failed my mission.

Not totally though cause I didn’t give up traveling. I am still on the race,seeing more of the world with the realization that I can’t travel for more than a week without my family. So I am taking my boys with me. Yes, I am taking love and adventure with me.

Cambodia, YAY!

At the time of writing, I am in Cambodia, on a bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. This is just our second day in this country and so far, everything has been smooth except for the occasional annoyance caused by mosquito bites-they really bother my little boys. Minus that, my little Vargases had a lot of fun in  Phnom Penh; the city totally made an impression to my kids.

Early morning, we walked by the Preah Sisovath Boulevard- a beautifully landscaped riverside filled with locals doing exercise from dawn. It was breezy but there were hundreds of doves on the pavement;Paul and Ram fed the pigeons. It was the highlight today. We then visited the museum. My older boy loves learning;he kept on asking questions to the guide. I am impressed that he is actually interested in history and religion. The second boy ‘s happiest today was when he bought a pair of black sunglasses in Central Market.He thought he was one of the spies he has seen on TV while wearing them. Daddy’s best moment today was at the market too; he haggled for most of the stuff we’d bought there.Mine today was simply capturing my boys’ precious memories through my Nikon D90.

Phnom Penh: 

The first Tuk Tuk ride for my Kiddos. Back home, we have something similar and we call it “rela”

This trumped their day.

Kids, birds and freedom 😉

Family pic here! I should have brought the tripod with me, you know. Good thing my cam didn’t fall. 😉 Taken at the garden of National Museum

Now, who’s got the most awkward pose?

The best Tuk -tuk driver in Phnom Penh- Mr. Thay 🙂 We love him!

My little man in Red! :p Taken outside Number 9 Hotel

This is one of his talents really, shopping! Taken at the Central Market.

Hmmm… and yours truly!

Have you been to this city? Name 3 things that you like about this place 🙂