Being used to sunny or rainy weather, Tagaytay made a strong impression on me. It was around 20 degree Celsius when I went there; rain would load almost every 10 minutes and with the thick fog, cars and other vehicles had to use their headlights and tail lights during the day. The cool misty air was new to me and I got a bit carried away by the ambiance I wondered if I could live there.

Truly, this is a very unusual part of the Philippines because the rest of the places are either too warm or too wet. Ok, I maybe exaggerating a bit but Tagaytay’s weather is totally different from the rest of the areas in the country. No doubt, the highland city is a famous destination for people who want to go on a retreat as  there are a lot of seminaries here. Needless to say, it’s a perfect site for love birds; you can feel the romance in the air. I’d also recommend this place if you want to get away from the busyness of Metro Manila which is only 2-hours away. Standing on top, looking below is incomparably refreshing. Let me show you some pictures of my first day in this city.

People’s Park in the Sky


On my way up


Some letters are missing but you know what it says, right?


Only one or two jeepneys can go up here.


The Giant Pineapple. Arlyn (my friend and tour guide) bought 2 kgs of pineapple as “pasalubong” for her granny.


When it’s too cold and you don’t have a coat with you, you cuddle :p Young sweethearts love to spend their moments here.


Too foggy you feel like you’re in the sky and taking photos would mean all blank or white.


You will see him on your way to the restaurant or even on your way to the top floor.


Arlyn and I shopped at the ground floor for hats and other ‘pasalubong’ items while waiting for the rain to stop.


Oh,’s the directory and that also shows your itinerary for the day. LOLS!


Here’s a picture of a magtataho. Such a heavenly snack while you’re on top of the world. :p


I could barely see anything and I was almost freezing to death everytime the rain poured but this guy here was just being easy. No sweater or whatsoever.


The sun smiled at some points.


All white and suddenly you see green for few minutes before everything goes white again.


A group of friends at PPS


A walk to remember. (“,)


One more pose.


Goodbye PPS.

Thanks for viewing my photos and if you have links re Tagaytay, I would like to read them as well. Personally, I’d like to know more about this place. I think I want to retire here. :p