Hello My Dear Readers! (“,)

It’s been a while. Please don’t hate me.

My previous post explains why I’m back in Vietnam (after a week  or so in Luzon.) and for those who haven’t read it, it had rained all the time but I absolutely enjoyed every second in the Philippines. There are many firsts, let’s start with my experience in the fashion show – The Look Style Awards 2011.

My friend Arlyn of the British Council-Philippines graciously invited me to this event as her company was one of the organizers of the show. This was held in the Rockwell Tent, Makati City last October 4, 2011 and as in every avant-garde function, everyone came with their shiny shoes or high stilettos while I arrived with my flats. Geee! Good thing Arlyn brought a make-up kit and applied eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick to prep me for the night while on a taxi. I was wearing a mini-dress so I guessed I wasn’t too awkward or too unfashionable. Let me assure you: I did try to look OK.

As we got inside the “Tent”, we found seats on the second row-really close to see the models but not close enough to get the better shots, I thought. So I moved to the end of the runway and positioned where I could shoot the gorgeous ladies with their crafty dresses as they posed. Kneeling like a pro,I was happy on my knees ;I didn’t care. I was so indulged! Take note, it was my first and I remembered watching “Sex and the City” wherein they always attended fashion shows like this.

Apart from the creativity and ingenuity the designers had put onto these clothes, I was also impressed with how physically endowed these Filipinas were. Ladies with attractive physique, unique facial features and fantastic posture  were walking towards me. It was definitely one of the most inspiring moments! So without further adieu, check my photos below and tell me your thoughts (“,)


The Look Style Awards 2011

October 4, 2011

Makati, Philippines

The Fashion Show, a set on Flickr.

Here is a write-up about the said event: Edgy style wins Look Magazine Awards–Geof Gonzales off to Central Saint Martins