While Gen.Douglas MacArthur’s “I Shall Return” may be so popular, I shall use that line and I mean it.

For the past seven days, I have been to 5 cities, dined at Filipino restaurants, met up with Filipino friends and most of them from Twitter and had taken hundreds of photos. This is another priceless collection of my travel memories yet whether or not I have fully fulfilled my mission is the question. No, not yet but “I shall return”

When? In January. I will continue with my journey. Hopefully no super-typhoons will have prepared me the Red Carpet that time and my country, my beloved Philippines will be sunny that month.

The best things about this trip are:
1. The Foggy Tagaytay Moments
2. The Fashion Show
3. The Senate Hearing
4. The Coffee Dates and Meet Ups
5. The Filipino and Spanish Films

These are only a pinnacle of the wonderful adventure that awaits me. Philippines, I shall return.