In Vietnam, motorbikes are not just the most practical way to get around here but these are actually considered one of the most important tools to make a living.

My dad was a businessman and his field of work happened to have something to do with rice distribution. I remember when I was a little girl, I used to ride at the back of the truck with sacks of rice to be transported from one province to the other. Here in Saigon, they don’t need a four-wheeled vehicle to do this. A motorbike can usually carry 4 to 5 sacks of rice. Others are just ridiculous though, I saw a bike carrying 8 of them.

Apart from crops, motorbikes would carry fish or meat which is a common sight in the early morning of Saigon streets. But in the picture I have below is a motorbike transporting another food group- the vegetables. Oopsie daisies, they fell off but am sure they’d wash it later. :p

Another basic need they deliver from one place to another- petrol. To be honest, I always feel uncomfortable when I’m riding side by side with a motorbike carrying such flammable substance. I can always imagine the ones on the movies when they explode. Gheee :s

The Vietnamese have a high regard on cleanliness especially with their floors. We always leave our shoes and slippers when we enter their houses or even shops. I am pretty sure that these house cleaning materials below are going to be sold in no time.

The pets also ride on the bikes.Tell me how many animals you see on the next picture. It’s not so easy to guess, I tell you.

Taxis have taxi drivers, buses have bus drivers… in Vietnam, motorbikes have xeom drivers. One of my Vietnamese friends call them Honda-om drivers. Oh, if you take a look at the picture below, I think the passenger really hates the heat. I wish I can wrap myself like this when I am riding on my bike. Lols.

Trees are very important in this city. They are the motorbikes’ bestfriends. Imagine Saigon with no trees…gosh! You’d be totally grilled by the blazing sun in 10 minutes especially when you’re on the streets from 10am to 3pm.

True we can see a lot of cool cars in Vietnam and they’re growing in number but one thing is for sure- motorbikes will always be the Vietnamese way of life!

Do you have a bike? I have one and I use that as my transpo to and fro work. Apart from my kids and some grocery bags, I have never carried anything else on it. :p How about YOU?