Did you already know about my October plan? No? Well then, check this first before you rush on reading about Baguio: Philippine Odyssey

Planning and Smiling

One more month everybody, and I am there! The plan is to always update you via Twitter or Fb page on my whereabouts so you can ask any questions and view the photos of the places I am visiting. Right, Baguio City is going to be my FIRST Stop and I have researched a little bit about this place through Google, friends on Twitter and Facebook plus I have bought a map so I can clearly locate the tourist spots. Actually, it’s not just the popular spots that I want to visit as I always like to take the “roads less traveled”. LOLs! I can’t wait to be surprised because I know this trip is going to be great!

Good job Babe for this photo! :p

Oh, the 5 things? Ok..here they are:

1. Cafe by the Ruins

Just the name of it and I already want to go there…right now! (“,) @iam_urz on Twitter recommended this place because of its “Kamote bread”. I have a different agenda in mind- I know, somehow, that this northern part of Luzon is well-known for its heavenly delicious coffee and that’s number one on my bucket list. I might even frequent this place during my stay in the city. Maybe twice a day!

“Kamote” is the Filipino word for sweet potato.

2. Tam- Awan Village

Imagine the huts on top of the hills overlooking nature- trees, seas and birds- Ain’t it breathtaking? And that explains why in English, “tam-awan” means “vantage point”. Why is this place famous? Apart from its panoramic view, this place is the home of famous artists like BenCab creating cultural art works. Also, they have a hut called “the fertility hut” and this made me really curious. :p All these things to see for an entrance fee of just 50Php ($1.15). Ayay! I have this feeling I am going to spend a whole day taking pictures here.

3. Burnham Park

Well, this place doesn’t sound very Filipino but I’ve heard about this landmark since grade school . Anyway, this is located in the heart of Baguio City. Here you can see a lot of beautiful scenes- the tranquil lake, the dense pine trees and if you are into shopping, there’s a popular market near it. Maybe with a lot of people too. Aha! Good for “shooting” people! (“,) Well, I am more interested in how the locals dress up. Their clothes must be very different from those that you see in other parts of the Philippines.

4. Asin Hot Spring

Enjoy the natural thermal spring located at the outskirt of Baguio City. Only 30-minutes of jeepeny ride. They say soaking in it has therapeutic effects. Well,in fact, even when I am soaked in my tub, I can already feel all the positive effects the hot water brings. There are swimming pools around the spring just in case you want something cool with trees surrounding you while you relax. Another cheap pleasure, 100Php ($2.5) for a day of swimming.

5. La Trinidad

Just outside Baguio City is the capital town of Benguet province- La Trinidad. This is the place where they farm strawberries which I’ve heard they are selling them really cheaply or you can even pick some for yourself. Also, home to the Bell Church, which resembles the Chinese temple and Benguet Museum where aspiring photographers(like me) and PROs (who I will be) enjoy taking photos. It’s going to be a lovely walk, where I can just stop and pick strawberries when I feel tired or hungy. LOLs.

Right now, I don’t have photos to show you but next month, I will flood you with beautiful pictures from Baguio. Actually, I’m trying to ask photos from my fellow travel bloggers and I am waiting for their email. And if you really want to see these places right now, GOOGLE them right away!

I am still researching on some more places that interest me hopefully, I can share another 5. I only plan to stay for 3 or 4 days. But you know what? I can actually extend more days if the schedule allows it.

Thanks for reading! (“,) Oh..wait>>> Are you from Baguio? or Have you been to Baguio? What are the best places for you? I’d love to hear them. Don’t think twice on writing your suggestions or comments below.