Where Am I?

I am currently in HCMC(more popularly know as Saigon), Vietnam. This is probably one of the safest places in Asia. Well, the only danger there is in the city is when crossing the street and so far, in this city, I have never witnessed wherein a car or motorbike hit a pedestrian. Although I must admit they always almost hit people on the sidewalk.

I love the food here. Also, most of the people are warm and easy going. The city is busy building lots of building .If you came here 10 years ago, you’d be amazed with the changes that have taken place. I find it very essential to take photos of every corner as I feel that everything I see will not be the same in 10 years time.

Where in the World Are You?

It is easier to gain friends online these days. We have Facebook, Twitter and now Google +.  Sometimes, I find myself engaged in a conversation with people more online than offline. I got really curious about my fb and twitter friends and asked them where they are at the moment. Most of these people are BIG time travelers and knowing them means learning a lot of things too from around the world.

Let’s get to know them:

“I am Sunil Jain from Bangalore, India. I am a blogger by passion and coder by profession. I blog at Tech18, a blog about Social Media, Blogging, Technology and WordPress.”

Twitter: @gupshupblog                 Website: Tech18

“I am based in Davao City and I go scuba diving mostly in the Davao Gulf. I do love traveling, though, so once in a while you’ll spot me in remote places like Tawi-Tawi. I’ve been to off-the-beaten-track places in Europe as well, but it’s Davao that I will always call home.”

Twitter: @blogie             Website: Save the Philippine Sea

“I’m based in London at the moment, planning the next big travel escape. I’ve been taking smaller trips lately exploring Portugal, Sardinia, Brazil and even New York for the first time. I’m finding London to be a great base for engaging with the travel community whilst taking trips to Europe where didn’t spend any time on my 2 year backpacking trip, I feel like I have to catch up on Europe! We’re busy re-developing TravMonkey.com and searching for inspiring writers around the world, once it’s up and running I’ll be thinking about planning for a long trip to India or Central America.”

Twitter: @TravMonkey                      Website: TravMonkey.com

“Hi I’m Giselle…where in the world am I? I’m in Vienna,Austria!:) and this is the Gloriette of Schonbrunn Palace. It’s a lovely place, with amazing garden, admirable view and I find it romantic.”

Fb: Giselle

“My full name is Patrick Evan Quinay, commonly known as Patrick to my friends and Evan online. I’ve been living and working here in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan as a CAD Engineer for the past 10 months. I usually go travelling around Japan during the holidays. I do a lot of things, mainly on the creative side like designing and creating music, as I love the arts and music so much. I’m also into entrepreneurship as I am currently a part-owner of an art and designer clothing store in the Philippines. I love socializing and having conversations with interesting people both offline and online.”

Twitter: @evanader                Websites:  http://about.me/evanader, http://qwezer.com http://extrakanin.co.cc.

“Hi, my name is Raf, and I’m originally from Belgium but I have been living in Brazil since January 2009.I live in Volta Redonda, a medium-sized city, located about 120 km west from Rio de Janeiro. The city itself is not that very interesting in terms of tourism, and having the biggest steel plant in South America sure isn’t helping in that department, but Volta Redonda is literally surrounded by great natural beauty, like the Mantiqueira and Bocaina mountain ranges, both only 50 km away, the Costa Verde with Paraty and Ilha Grande to the south , and the rolling hills of South Minas Gerais to the north.  Also, Rio de Janeiro and the Serra dos Órgãos is only a two hour drive away.Anyways, when I’m not ON a trip, I’m preparing for one, always trying to discover new parts of this great country, usually on the motorcycle, but sometimes also by car  “

Twitter: @MotoToursBrazil                    Website: www.mirantes-mototravel.com

“Hi, I’m  LaiMarie of Pinay Travelista, and a CoFFee SToRY To TeLL and I’m currently based in my hometown — Iligan City, Philippines. I’ve started capsuling my trips, travels, and adventures, and I’ve started with my very own hometown, Iligan City – the city of Majestic Waterfalls. It has 23 waterfalls on its terrains, and more of nature wonders to keep one on environmental-trips packed full. I want show people how vibrant it is and encourage them to drop by Iligan City when they visit the Philippines.”

Twitter: @pinaytravelista                            Website: Pinay Travelista and a CoFFee SToRY To TeLL

” I’m Bong Libunao, an aspiring entrepreneur and a newbie blogger from BF Homes Paranaque, Metro Manila, PH.  My entrepreneurial activities take me to Albay, Nueva Ecija, and soon, Boracay as well. Cheers!”

Twitter: @hopcaster                                  Wesbite: Hopcaster.wordpress.com

“At Quezon Province Beach- having great time with my three precious daughters. I was afraid with water before, but told myself that life is short, so trying everything now like swimming at the beaches as far as I can go. Resorts in Quezon are cheap usually with family of 6 will cost only 5,000Php for an overnight stay. I love nature and a quiet surrounding.Maybe cos I grew up in Laguna and prefer reading a nice book alone or just watch my fave DVD”

Twitter: @nobodybutgrace                         Website: http://www.empoweredgrace.blogspot.com/

I am a 35 year old Californian and have been teaching English in Saigon for 3+ years. I travel as often as I can and dream of one day finding my true passion. This pic was taken about ten days ago playing with children in Tad Lo village in southern Laos. Beautiful country!

Fb: Tyler Pierce                             Website: http://ilikestickyrice.blogspot.com/

Hi, I’m JourneyingJames and I spend less to travel more. I am backpacking the Philippines right now, going to out-of-the-usual-tourist-trail. I dream to write a book on traveling the Philippines, the cheapest way possible (or maybe have a travel show).

Twitter: @journeyingjames           Website : http://journeyingjames.com



Let’s face it, the world is becoming smaller and closer than ever. And hey, before you go, tell me>>> Where in the world are you?