My mentor happens to be one of the pillars of Philippine music industry, an artist in different media and a hero of my Dad.

I have spent one Saturday afternoon in his house together with the other 8 students. He created a very friendly atmosphere that we all had fun, although a bit exhausted at the end of the day. It wasn’t easy, I tell you. But he made us feel comfortable enough to raise questions and ask help along the way.

If you are a Filipino, I’m pretty sure you know him. Click on one of my photos to see him. (“,)

As for the other photos, the young lovely girl is called Nades. She was actually one of the students but modeling happens to be one of her passion. Colleen de Guzman was our model on that day. She’s half Filipino and half German. She was a professional- She projected really well that we all adored her.

And of course, you can also see me in one of the photos! Yay! (“,) Happy viewing!