When visiting the Philippines, it is important that you know some phrases in Tagalog  especially when you are in Luzon (where Manila is),  although there’s a huge possibility that all the locals you’re going to encounter can understand you fully when you speak English to them.

One time, while on a plane, a guy sitting next to me spoke to me in Tagalog and that really started the conversation. He was a priest from Switzerland who frequents the Philippines to do charity works or projects.

Indeed, knowing the phrases/words below might help you win a friend or gain trust from the people you’re going to meet when in the Philippines.

1. Salamat po – Thank You. “Po” is the word you use to sound more polite.

2. Walang anuman – You’re welcome.

3. Sorry po, Excuse me po – These English words with “po” are widely used in my country.

4.  Magandang araw– Good day. Change “araw” to “umaga” for morning, “hapon” for afternoon and “gabi” for evening.

5. Anong pangalan mo?– What’s your name? but most of the time Filipinos say “Ano nga ulit pangalan mo?”

6. Ano ‘ka mo?– Can you say that again?

7. Saan ka nakatira dito? — Where do you live? / or Taga  saan ka?  – Where are you from?

8. Pagkain– food/ Saan pwede makabili nang pagkain dito?– Where can we buy food here?

9. Magkano po?– How much?

10. Ilan po? – How many

Enjoy your trip to the Philippines (“,)

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