It all started with a dream (click here). It was so real I had to share it with my bestfriend. Then we talked about making it happen and calling it ” The Asian Trip”. A week after, one of our closest friends hung out at our place and we chatted and also touched the “dream” topic when he gave the idea of starting it off in the Philippines (read this!). I quipped, “Why not!” It’s one way of showcasing the beauty of our country and I will be very happy to know my country more. That was over a month ago.

Just 7 weeks before the  October Odyssey and how far have I prepared? Well, like any other traveler, preparation is vital and this includes:

1. Buying the “easy-to-forget” necessities like:

  •  all-in-one plug socket – It is almost always frustrating when you want to charge your phone or when you want to use your hair   dryer and the outlet isn’t compatible with the socket

  •  extra memory cards – Accidents happen (not just a cliche?) We either lose or damage the memory card just like what happened to me when we went to Vung Tau. I had no clue how I broke my memory card but it just didn’t work anymore and it was so unlucky as I hadn’t transferred my photos to the hard drive.

  •  external hard drive- Transferring all the hard work to the hard drive does not only back up files but also helps your computer work better.

  •  sun cream – I always forget this and I shouldn’t. After all, I am a woman and I do care about getting wrinkles-I don’t want them.

  •  and what else? Tell me (“,)

2. Getting hold of the latest map of the destination. I am a bit old-fashioned really;I am not comfortable checking the phone or the iPad to search in Google maps. I need to feel the paper and see it laid in front of me so I can highlight or circle or underline to mark the places I want to be at.

3. Working on my photography skills. Yes, I had enrolled myself to a workshop and I am going to write something about it in the near future. It was a great and positive experience and I was proud of the photos I took that day.

4. Asking friends offline and online to know more about the target places. “People are great resource”, I think I have said this many times in my previous posts. I do Google things but the information only becomes real and reliable when someone says something about it, especially when the person is a friend. Yeah, I always consider the things people say.

5. Purchasing a travel guidebook to give me more ideas on how I should write later on. I will tell you about this book when it has been delivered. I bought it through and I am actually very excited; so looking forward to reading the book.

Just in time for my plans, this video has also helped me decide. Yeah, @helpdot has just tweeted this today. Check it out and who knows? You’d be flying to the Philippines before you know it (“,)