I don’t know how my adult life could have been if coffee hadn’t existed.

How do you wake up in the morning without a smell of the delicious freshly-brewed cup of coffee? Hard, I know. I don’t skip my precious cup. One sip makes the sun brighter, smile wider, life sweeter.

The pleasantness of the conversation between friends are more enjoyable with a cup of coffee.And sometimes, life’s disappointments are soothed with just a smell of its aroma.

That’s right!  To survive in life, I believe we need to have more positive people as our friends and a cup of coffee. And being in Vietnam where the most delicious coffee are produced, it’s hard not to be a coffee fan.


Last night, I posted on my Facebook this question: What do you mix your coffee with?

I usually have Trung Nguyen Coffee with fresh milk in the morning and I carry 3-in-1s to work. If I do go out for a coffee date, I pick Trung Nugyen Coffee Shop, Highlands Coffee or NYDC.

Well, my friends have interesting answers (“,)

  • Tanya Roque Paulican low fat coffee creamer and just enogh sugar to complete the taste.5 to 6 mugs are my usual then i can work effectively.
  • May Anne Jarantilla Hansard landOlakes half and half milk and cream and two packets of splenda…really good!
  • Chú Gà Đô La nothing, I like pure black coffee =]]
  • Yvette Marie Quibuin kopiko brown + milo = homemade mocha! yummy kau ni tar… i also like black decaf with a lot of sugar
  • Lan Tuyet Le condensed milk – just a little, ice and very good Vnese coffee. Maybe u wanna change taste by adding salt?
  • YoungNam Kim Usually with some creamy milk before breakfast every morning then black coffee after any meals.
  • Putian Cabahug-Kipte nescafe
  • Rainbow Baguio Ana Pure black!!!!!!!!kapeng kape!!!!
  • Jam Dela Cruz milk or half & half
  • Tyler Pierce if i drink it, i just mix with a spoon.
  • Devie Duca milk, coffemate..sometimes none kay 3 in 1 nman
  • Anna Leah Bacalso Calumpang nescafe 3 n 1 + splenda
  • Estoy Lendyll condensed milk
  • Stella Medina Nescafe 3in1 Brown ‘n Creamy

I also asked my Twitter friends this:  What’s in your delicious cup of coffee?

@Anita_Tran I like Trung Nguyen Coffee from No1 toNo5o5 – Coffee Latte in BB (45 Bui Vien) 😀

@nguyenhimself  Trung Nguyen’s No.4 w/ milk is my usual. Black no-sugar Robusta is great 2. Mostly I bought coffee form Bao Loc

@nobodybutgrace Simple as mocha frappé or hot mocha, all decaf w less sugar.:)

@SagadaSunground Pumpkin pepper from Km. 39 (Halsema Highway) just a pinch in fresh ground fresh brewed Arabica typica

@ChrisGNguyen My fave: Hai Dang from Hue, iced w/ just a little sua dac. In Canada, I buy T.N.’s House blend. Gourmet blend isn’t so good.

@bobethlicious I so love coffee latte 🙂 

@traveldudes Double Espresso (to let me tweet faster), some milk & some sugar. 😉


Are you a coffee lover? Do you have the same answer with my friends?

Is coffee not your cup of tea? Would you mind telling us what drink you enjoy the most?