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I’ve been blogging since 2010(my adventure started with blogspot and I also had posterous)  and this is my 2nd year with WordPress. I write mainly about life in Vietnam, my travels across Southeast Asia, photography, parenting, fashion, hotel, restaurants and cafes.

If you Google “15 ‘sự thật’ về Việt Nam“, you’ll see over 98k results. My post “15 Facts About Vietnam“has been the most read and commented so far and I thank my followers and readers for the support.

As a person, I believe that life is beautiful and rich. My husband and my sons are my treasures. I may be one of the happiest people you’re going to meet. Most of my posts are light, easy and digestible. I maintain positivity by spending more time with kind, smart and happy people.

I dream BIG. JC is my number one fan. Everything is possible when we think we CAN!

Leave a comment or a link to your website for me to read too. Happy reading!

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I used to blog at hisdailydigest.com and I’m now collaborating with my wife. I’ve been blogging about my interests: parenting, basketball, ESL, culture and real estate. You’ll see a lot of my photos on this site because I’m my wife’s favorite model. :)

I proofread the posts here. If I miss anything, feel free to drop me a message. Or if you have any questions about my post or life in Vietnam as an expat, in general, I’m just an email away.

Like herdailydigest, I try to be very positive in my posts as I am always thankful for the blessings I receive as I live and work in Vietnam.

My email: kingceejay@yahoo.com


Update from me: 19 June 2012

Xin Chao from Vietnam :-)

I’ve always had a full-time job, a part-time one, plus I try to be fully hands on with my two school boys. Mind you I am now very active in the Filipino community here in Vietnam and there’s a religious group that I attend to once or twice a week. You see, I blog once a week the least and constantly tweet as @herdailydigest , of course. As if I didn’t have too much on my plate, I have enrolled myself to an MBA course! Whew! What was I thinking? Really?

Maslow believed a man could never ever be contented; there’s always a NEED. I’d say ,for now, I go with Maslow.

No no, it’s not an excuse for me not to maintain this website for the reasons cited above. I will still post blogs, but maybe more on photoblogs and who knows? I might post some videos too which am not very good at, unfortunately ;-)

Anyway, thank you for dropping by everyday, every month, every year! I do enjoy reading your comments and for the WordPress bloggers out there, thanks for the LIKE. I always feel proud every time a blogger likes any of my posts.

Enjoy the rest of the year guys!