Kids: “Mommy, where will we go tomorrow?”

Kuya: I want to go to Hollywood again. (He means the Universal Studio in Singapore)

Ram: Mom, how about going to Candy Island?________________________________________________________________________

Of course, the thrillfull mom, who loves traveling herself, would be elated to bring her kids to the world and show the world to her kids. (“,)

My babies (I still call them that) tend to ask more questions during the excursions with a lot of “ahhh” and “aha” moments along the way. As a matter of fact, we (Jc and I)  connect and direct our little boys better when we’re on the roads as they are always keen on getting answers and following directions.  No doubt, they are learning heaps from the adventures and misadventures. So…YES! I’d like to take them to all the wonderful places!

What now? I guess to SAVE is what we’re gonna do in the next couple of months. Their birthday is in September and maybe visit Mickey Mouse in Hong Kong. But for tomorrow? Perhaps, a trip to the movie or to the park.