Learning is an unending process. As a teacher, growing is not an
option. Yesterday, I took another challenge, I sat in the Delta exam.
I was nervous, excited and most importantly glad that it’s done.
Although, the most painful part is now>>> the waiting. The result
comes out in 2 months. Getting a ‘pass’ would mean a celebration and
who knows? I might buy you a drink when the day comes.


24 hours before the big DAY, I prepared myself academically,
psychologically and physically.

My study buddy (",)

1. I reviewed the exam mechanics at Trung Nguyen Coffee Shop with JC.
2. I slept for 8 hours.
3. I woke up early (not the usual).
4. I had  my first cup of coffee at 6.
5. I readied my passport and other important documents.
6. I went to the site an hour earlier.
7. I had another coffee.
8. I prayed.
9. I went to the toilet.
10. I went in the exam room on time.
What’s next? Plans? Goals? I have a plenty but I am taking my dreams one leap at a time.