To my young readers—I know you are excited to read this! (aw :P) I have a very simple routine but this could be better—if you also share your beauty secrets with me. I’ll give you my TOP 5 right awayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

1. Don’t wash your face with soap. Use a cleanser :). I have tried Ponds, Garnier, Mary Kay, Olay and Faceshop. My skin loves those products. It doesn’t really matter what product you pick as long as this suits your skin.

2. Moisturizer is very important as this hydrates the skin making it softer and more pliable. This should be followed by a sun cream if you are exposed to the sun. We don’t like early appearance of wrinkles, do we? Again, choose a product that is suitable for your age and skin type.

3. Don’t put make up much! Less is more. Show your natural beauty. As for me, my lips don’t like lipstick that’s why I don’t wear it but I do use Nivea lip gloss. It’s always in my purse.

4. Smile! Nobody has a perfect smile so it doesn’t matter if we have crooked teeth. Smile makes us young. It makes us pretty too. Lastly, it gives us a beautiful day.

5. Drink lots of water. It is one of the most wonderful and effective skin care treatment. Water smoothens the skin and gives lots of benefits–can’t enumerate but try googling them :) . Try drinking less coffee too(I am guilty of this). Coffee dehydrates the skin.

There you go dear readers! Now, it’s your turn! Post at least one tip for me!