Love is priority. We love our partner (husband, wife, gf, bf), work, friends, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, colleagues, pets, plants and so on. We can’t help loving!

I don’t know anyone who lives who does not love anyone or anything. Love is the most positive thing in the world. It’s when we love that we feel alive. It’s more than Lipovitan, Berocca or coffee, love keeps us going!

However, it could destroy us too. It could cause so much pain. It could take our confidence and dignity if we let it. Love could tear us into bloody pieces. But we should not let this happen! We should manage LOVE.

Emotion is too powerful. It can make you great or fool. Invest in someone or something with full affection. Give 100% all the time. Never regret that you love. But…love yourself too! If you love yourself, you don’t hurt yourself.