High School is cool

My profession keeps me young and updated. Oh yes! I enjoy listening about girlfriend and boyfriend stuff. I get to know what songs are on Top 10 this week and that Justin Beiber is the girl’s favorite locker poster at the moment. Unlike other grown ups, I am not surprised to see boys wearing make up as I’ve seen Big Bang’s music video on Channel V. Ha! Almost half of the students have got a copy of the Twilight series and I do follow the Twilight movies too.And those are just among a lot of fun things that teens care about.

What’s ailing you dude?

Inevitably, problems and challenges also fill some of their days. Last week in one of my classes, a student shared her disappointment towards her parents. She thought that her parents were putting too much pressure on her studies and always reminding her of her age yet they kept on treating her like a baby. Another issue that bugs them is their freedom of expression. The way they act, dress up, talk and walk are way far different from their parent’s time. That’s why they get frowned upon not only by their family but also their old school neighbors. Thirdly, teens are topsy-turvy and loathes house work (This I understand fully as I, too, really find house work boring:()But I feel for every teenager as I’ve been through their stage many years ago. They get pressure not just at home but also from friends, teachers, and all other (significant, insignificant) people.

My two cents for YOU!?

Relax! You will get through every phase. Focus on the things you want to do and do it now! If you can sing or dance, perform in class or in school. If you are an artist, show your work to anyone who has an eye for beauty. For hopeless romantic, write a song, poem or an essay, this will help you gather and get your thoughts out creatively. Do whatever you want! (But don’t do stupid things coz stupid things will not help you get to university)

Geek, weirdo, dork, nerd, cyber punk, beauty queen, dweeb, wonk, emo, cheerleader, jock, rocker, athlete, prep, dirty, goth—Be who YOU are! It doesn’t matter! This is the only venue where you could be who you really are. Make lots of friends. Choose your friends. Pick happy and positive people. They could be a great influence. Be Real- this is the way to win friends!

Lastly, you must know by now…be wise, be happy and life will only get happier!