Sharing to you the lessons I’ve learned…They are pretty basic but I’m writing them down as reminders to you and to myself.

When someone tells you you’re ugly…don’t believe them. Stay beautiful! (I’ve mastered this for ages)

When they tell you you can’t do it…there’s always a way. Since humans conquered the moon, nothing is impossible.

When there’s nothing else you can do about the situation…pray and pray and pray. I am a believer of God and miracles. (Ram might be strong, but all angels(doctors too) helped him walk and talk and run again)

When confronted to choose between work and family, we can have both!

When everyone’s rude, try to stay nice.

When everyone thinks you are unfair, cold and unreasonable. Respect their opinion. We don’t have to explain to each person.

When you hate and can’t forgive… It’s ok to hold grudge sometimes. There are people who don’t deserve love. But try to stay positive and forget that person…It’s easy to forget than forgive.


Here they are! Maybe you can share your life’s lessons too :)